SmoothDocs Version History

3/7/17 Version 2.3.3
Enhancements and Features:
- Stability improvements
- Settings reset utility included with application

2/27/17 Version 2.3.2
Enhancements and Features:
- Updated installer

11/5/14 Version 2.3.1
Enhancements and Features:
- Duplicate field feature
- Improve integrity of file read/write process

2/22/14 Version 2.3
Enhancements and Features:
- More robust management of document/template and user settings
- Stability enhancements

5/17/13 Version 2.2
Enhancements and Features:
- RTF import and export page settings
- Improved RTF import tab-stop implementation
- Ruler now illustrates paragraph indentation

5/5/13 Version 2.1
Enhancements and Features:
- Paragraph indent and spacing controls
- Tab customization and ruler visualization
- Customize field order

1/1/13 Version 2.00
Enhancements and Features:
- Multiple choice fields
- Automatic numbering fields
- Automatic date and time fields
- Improved WYSIWYG capabilities of the text editor
- Streamlined user interface
- Improved network file read/write performance
- Added field descriptions to the document wizard
- Copied documents now retain text formatting, alignment and images
- Installing Java is no longer required

2/20/12 Version 1.07
Enhancements and Features:
- Page break support
- Context menu added to text editor

11/15/11 Version 1.06
Enhancements and Features:
- Improved compatibility with MS-Word
- Performance enhancements

10/31/11 Version 1.05
Enhancements and Features:
- Added page numbering feature
- Custom Headers and Footers are now supported
- Automatic date stamping feature has been added
- New option to export template/document text to HTML
- Support for embedded PDF fonts
- Improved memory management

7/31/11 Version 1.04
Enhancements and Features:
- Document builder now allows images to be added directly to a document
- Images can now be pasted into templates/documents from the clipboard
- Document builder will now import external documents saved in RTF format
- Removed opening tutorial in favor of website link on install
- Reduced memory usage

6/1/11 Version 1.03
Important Note: Due to improvements in image handling, images saved to templates or documents using an older version will need to be re-inserted and re-saved in version 1.03. This operation will only need to be performed once per file.

Enhancements and Features:
- Added new feature to import RTF files into a template
- RTF import/export feature now supports embedded images
- Template editor prompts for section name when copying a section
- Fields can now be added to a template by typing the name enclosed in asterisks (ex *date*)
- Application shows either a registration screen or tutorial at startup, not both

3/29/11 Version 1.02
- Fixed a problem with the New Document Wizard where field input could be handled incorrectly in certain instances

3/28/11 Version 1.01
Enhancements and Features:
- Progress bar added to file save operation to notify user when this process is complete